La moneda perdida

Edebé | 2010 ― Books, Young Adult  | 200 pages


We are in 1553. Max, a young  man  as attractive as he is a fraudster, falls in lave with one of the ladies in waiting of Lady Jane Grey,  a co usin of King Edward VI. Margaret, the young lady seems  to lave him aswell. Disguised as a nobleman, Max attends the wedding of Lady Jane  to be near his lady. Suddenly a stranger woman disrupts the ceremony to make a mysterio us premonition to the  bride: “A

king shall die and  three women will reign.”What does  this prophecy means? Revenge? A curse? A political  plot? For his lave to Margaret, Max will get involved in a series of dangero us situations in which a coined  divided in two and  mint  by King Henry VIII  will be crucial.

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Rights: SPAIN & CATALAN- Edebé, 2010